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    At Lemora, we endeavor to provide ​an empowering ​shopping experience to women motivated to enhance the lives of others. Stocked with fashion forward, practical finds, affordable pricing, and a mission to do good- we help women look great and do better.

    Every ​purchase made contributes to micro-loans awarded to women around the world striving to support their families and improve their communities through entrepreneurship. These women are farmers, fishermen, seamstresses, and artisans. Their trades not only enhance the lives of their families, but are integral to their communities. These women work to grow their businesses, to escape the hardships of poverty.

    This cycle of mutual empowerment and paying it forward, all starts with a simple purchase. So, get shopping!



    Hey There,

    I'm a passionate, beach-loving, 20-something year old service member who happens to be social entrepreneur. Born with a fiery spirit, the desire to incite change, and the enthusiasm necessary to enrich the lives of others, I have happily welcomed the opportunity to build a lifestyle destination for the everyday girl while giving back.

    Tasked with beautifying the closets and lives of women, I partnered with Kiva to create a benevolent platform focused on offering quality clothing for women eager to invest in others.

    The greatest part of Lemora? Sharing this journey with beautiful, adventurous, pretty philanthropists, just like you!

    I'm so excited for the wonderful things we'll achieve by simply shopping conscious.